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Give your clients an unfair advantage

Chassi’s SaaS Application Core provides all the services that your clients will need to handle customers, and unlocks the speed and flexibility they’ll need to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.

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Deliver more agile apps

Use abstractions enabled by our APIs to deploy flexible, future-proof applications that can iterate along with your client’s business as they learn from their market.

Customer success built-in

Give clients the tools they need to drive customer success from the get-go. Clients can identify roadblocks within their app that lead to customer drop-off, and deploy applications that react to customer needs in real time.

Focus on key features

You build the good stuff – Chassi’s SaaS Application Core takes care of the common systems that your clients need to accept customers and deliver a great experience.

Increase margins

Reduce build time and integrate the services you need using Chassi’s elegant APIs and then move on to other things. Your work here is done.

The features you’ve been looking for

  • Open & flexible Use as much or as little of Chassi’s system and APIs as you wish.
  • PCI & HIPAA compliant Chassi is both PCI and HIPAA compliant. We will sign necessary BAA agreements for the healthcare space.
  • No vendor-lock You own your data and can access and transfer it at any time.
  • Roles & permissions Set user-level roles and permissions to control access to Chassi services within your account.
  • Multi-tenant support Manage multiple separate applications under a single billing account.
  • Application work spaces Create dev, test, stage and production spaces to match up with any number of team-specific dev environments.
  • Data lake access Access 100% of your data through a data lake. Connect any RDMS client or analytics tool to your raw data source.
  • Code libraries Pre-built client libraries, in a variety of languages, to handle our extensive data transfer objects.
  • Language support We currently support Java, C#, Node.js, Ruby, PHP and Python.

Partnership opportunities

Chassi is partnering with select innovative development and creative agencies to help create the next generation of SaaS businesses.

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