Billing Management
Available 2019
Billing Management

SaaS billing is complicated. Managing it shouldn’t be.

Comprehensive subscription billing, payment integration and analytics.

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Process custom sales and self-service orders

Handle custom billing arrangements with ease, along with plan upgrades, downgrades, or other subscription changes.

Automatically support new pricing plans

Iterating plans and pricing requires active billing support. Chassi makes it automatic.

Tools to drive subscription growth

Notify customers when they’re nearing usage limits and make it easy to increase allowances, upgrade plans, or add new features.

Don't let your billing system hold you back

Gone are the days when updating your pricing means weeks of updating billing systems. Chassi tracks plan versions and keeps billing in sync automatically.

Comprehensive subscriptions that grow with you

Billing usually starts out simple enough, but it never ends up that way. Inevitably, plan versions proliferate and customer billing requirements get complicated. Start with a system that can handle the complexity.

Syncs with Plans & Pricing for easy management

When you use the Plans & Pricing API to update plans or test out new pricing, Billing automatically keeps pace. Your customers get the invoices they expected, and you get more time to grow your business.

Integrates with your favorite payment gateway

Easily connect to popular payment gateways like Stripe or Authorize.Net to process subscription payments.

Detailed invoicing

If there’s one thing subscription businesses need, it’s invoicing. Generate invoices via API, or login to manage and send invoices from your Chassi account. Collect charges, record offline payments or write offs, send reminders, and more.

The features you’ve been looking for

  • Secure by designZero-trust architecture, 2-factor authentication, PCI & HIPAA compliant.
  • WebhooksNotify other systems of events like new subscriptions, payments, or cancellations.
  • InvoicesAutomatically email your monthly invoices and give your customers the ability to download PDFs of invoices.
  • Transaction historyGet detailed information of every transaction.
  • Payment profilesAllow users to keep multiple cards on file and set one a primary.
  • Credit limitsAllow customers to take advantage of credit limits that make billing more flexible.
  • Multiple currenciesAutomatic support for major currencies around the world.
  • Payment remindersGet paid using pre-built email reminders for missed or overdue payments.
  • Billing prorationAutomatically prorate billing when any plan changes occur.
  • Renewal rulesConfigure rules to automatically or manually renew customers’ subscriptions.
  • Synced to other APIsAny updates are automatically synced across the Chassi platform.
  • Integrated metricsTransactions, outstanding invoices, net revenue, subscription summary and more.

Boost engagement and slash churn rates