PHOENIX, Sept 4, 2018 — Chassi, a new application development platform that provides powerful APIs and scalable development environments for SaaS companies, has closed a $2.5 million seed round from a group of sophisticated early-stage investors including Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund. Revolution is in an investment firm led by AOL Co-Founder Steve Case. Chassi is confident that their category-creating SaaS Application Core platform will change the way SaaS businesses are built and operated, giving their customers the agility they need to quickly achieve scale.

Chassi is replacing the custom-built code that all SaaS businesses patch together to handle customer functions, such as recurring billing, customer lifecycles, and other integrated services, and delivering them through elegant APIs. Along with these systems, the platform offers application workspaces, tenants, data lakes, and supports six different development languages.

With the close of this seed round, Chassi has raised a total of $3.5 million since their founding in the Fall of 2016.

“Chassi addresses a significant pain point for software businesses,” J.D. Vance, Managing Partner of Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund said. “Every software company needs these systems, but building them with custom code or integrating point solutions takes time and money away from more valuable product development. Chassi is yet another example of a great company that chose to start and scale outside of the coastal tech hubs.”

Brad Jannenga, Chassi Founder and CEO, started the business to optimize the way software applications are built based on his 20 years of experience in the field. After his fourth successful SaaS business, his goal was to deliver that vision at scale. “With each application build our growth was hobbled by the custom code and stitched together products we used for core functions like customer dashboard, licensing & entitlements, product bundling, billing & order management, and customer journeys. These items represent critical core functionality that every SaaS business needs.”

Limited Beta Program

Chassi is currently in beta. The company is partnering with development agencies, software incubators and accelerators, and serious software businesses looking to create the next generation of high-growth SaaS applications.

The limited beta program provides early access to the Chassi Application Core platform, along with one-on-one integration support from the Chassi development team to ensure partners realize the full value of the platform.

Ron Barry, industry veteran and meltmedia Co-Founder, states, “Chassi represents a huge opportunity for agencies and organizations to create and deploy powerful customer success systems that every product needs—creating maximum value through the creation of agile, differentiated products. The Chassi platform is incredibly compelling.”

About Chassi

The Chassi SaaS Application Core platform offers a better way to build great software and scale SaaS businesses by replacing inflexible custom code commonly used to handle internal business functions with powerful APIs on an integrated, reactive platform. Designed to work together seamlessly, Chassi APIs reduce technical debt and keep businesses lean and flexible.

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