CodaKid Optimizes Conversions with Chassi

CodaKid uses Chassi to optimize unassisted paid conversion in their Free Trial customer journey.
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CodaKid teaches kids to code with a specific focus on game programming. CodaKid offers a variety of learning opportunities for children, including online coding courses, on-premise classes, and camps.

The challenge

CodaKid was facing several unique challenges that make them a great Chassi customer.

The first challenge is that their audience is comprised of both children and their parents, so there are different levels of understanding and adoption within their product depending on who’s using it.

Second, CodaKid was experiencing a large drop-off in new users during the initial sign-up and free trial period. It seemed like there might be multiple roadblocks where new users might drop off (credit card entry, coding software installation, etc.) but CodaKid was unsure of the exact causes and who was being affected (kids, parents, or both).

We started by asking the questions: “Who is using this tool?” “How do we know?” “What is the ideal experience for these students?” and “How do we engineer that experience?”

How Chassi helped

First, Chassi helped CodaKid consider the entire journey for their students, recognizing that the software was only part of the total experience. Together, we reconsidered the journey from a user’s perspective. This was valuable as it enabled CodaKid to organize their thinking around the customer, not their software.

The next step was to map out the new user sign up and onboarding processes using Chassi’s Customer Lifecycle tool. We then helped CodaKid implement API calls (think of it as ‘placing sensors’ in their app) throughout the new user process, enabling them to detect where and when users encountered difficulty and halted their progress.

We also helped CodaKid’s team gather additional metadata, like device type, OS, and demographic info to further inform who encounters problems and why.

What outcomes have they had so far?

CodaKid was immediately able to determine that their signup process contained a number of “holes” that allowed users to bypass critical steps – leading to unsuccessful trials. Codakid realized that a gap had formed between their vision of the experience and the actual experience. This gap arises when you build around a process instead of engineering the customer experience. Closing that gap is a transformation worth investing in.

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