Chassi exists to make software businesses more successful

Chassi is a technology company that builds back end systems for SaaS businesses. Companies use our SaaS Application Core APIs to manage customers and grow faster.

This isn’t our first rodeo

Our founder, Brad Jannenga, started Chassi to solve the problems he had experienced in his past ventures as a software entrepreneur. Until now, software companies have had to create or stitch together the systems they need to run their business and handle their customers. This approach is still standard practice, and continues to add costs and limit the growth velocity of companies of all sizes. Since 2016, Brad has assembled a highly experienced team to build Chassi, the first platform created to eliminate this massive problem.

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What we believe

Building a software business shouldn’t be a hackathon

Until now, developers and early stage businesses have been forced to stitch together their core customer systems. That’s a costly process that incurs technical debt, restricts flexibility and ultimately limits growth.

Our vision

Forever change the way software businesses are built

Custom code in your Application Core from stitching together point solutions slows initial development and limits future growth.

Chassi leadership

Brad Jannenga

Founder & CEO

Brad Jannenga is the Founder & CEO at Chassi. He most recently co-founded WebPT and grew the company from an idea to its Series B with Battery Ventures while serving as Chairman, President & CTO. Prior to WebPT he was instrumental in the development of three additional successful vertical B2B SaaS platforms.

Jeremy Wilson

Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy Wilson is the Chief Technology Officer at Chassi. As one of the first employees at WebPT, he helped grow the software engineering department to a team of over 60 software engineers, architects, and managers.

Andrew Zwerner

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Zwerner is the Chief Operating Officer at Chassi. With 15 years of building high performance teams, Andrew has a proven track record of leading market and geographic expansion, conducting strategic fundraising, and developing strong relationships with customers and partners.

Mike Ray

Chief Architect

Mike Ray is the Chief Architect at Chassi and could be mistaken for Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. He’s an experienced technologist with a broad range of expertise covering everything from system architecture to microservices, database structure to workflow automation and everything in between.

Proudly based in Phoenix

Grow without limits