Made for Customer Experience Engineering

Customers buy software with a value in mind. However, software businesses aren’t able to understand and orchestrate each customer’s experience on their journey to that value. That leads to avoidable failure.

We envision a future where businesses stay in lockstep with each customer and continuously monitor and guide their journeys to ensure their success. They take control with confidence and engineer their customers’ experiences to exceed expectations.

Getting there requires a new business philosophy and a new system to orchestrate it. That philosophy is Customer Experience Engineering (CXE). That system is Chassi.

A platform born from experience

Brad Jannenga started Chassi to solve a recurring challenge he had experienced in past ventures as a software entrepreneur—Despite all the effort spent on product design, customer outcomes varied greatly. He wondered, what would it take to consistently deliver a great customer experience despite the inherent distance between a software company and its customers?

He realized that while many products are well engineered, their customer experiences are not. He needed a way to see what each customer was doing and to empower the processes, people, and technology within his business to ensure customers were always successful. He saw that these challenges were shared by all software companies, so he assembled a team of highly experienced professionals to create the solution.

What we believe

A business is only as successful as its customers

Closing a sale is not enough - that’s the beginning. If customers fail to achieve the outcomes they desire, they leave. You need customers that continue to subscribe, expand usage, and champion your brand. That’s success.

Our vision

Forever change the way software businesses are built

Until now, software businesses didn’t have a way to truly understand and orchestrate their customer experience. Chassi’s integrated platform and CXE philosophy is the way.

Chassi leadership

Brad Jannenga

Founder & CEO

Brad most recently co-founded WebPT and grew the company from an idea to its Series B with Battery Ventures while serving as Chairman, President & CTO. Prior to WebPT he was instrumental in the development of three additional successful vertical B2B SaaS platforms.

Jeremy Wilson

Chief Technology Officer

As one of the first employees at WebPT, Jeremy helped grow the software engineering department to a team of over 60 software engineers, architects, and managers.

Andrew Zwerner

Chief Operating Officer

With 15 years of building high performance teams, Andrew has a proven track record of leading market and geographic expansion, conducting strategic fundraising, and developing strong relationships with customers and partners.

Mike Ray

Chief Architect

Sometimes mistaken for Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Mike is an experienced technologist with a broad range of expertise covering everything from system architecture to microservices, database structure to workflow automation and everything in between.

Justin Dooley

Chief Financial Officer

Justin is a proven senior executive and board member with experience starting, growing, operating and successfully exiting businesses including Siebel Systems and the National Institute of Transplantation.

Eric Rosenfeld

Chief Product Officer

Eric brings over 25 years of strategic leadership in product development that has driven competitive advantage and enabled significant growth. Eric is responsible for product definition, roadmap, and solutions.

Proudly based in Phoenix

Stop leaving customer experience to chance