Product Entitlements
Available 2019
Product Entitlements

Decoupling business logic from product code is key to flexible iterations

Provide access control between your customers and your product. Easily update what features each customer can access without hard-code.

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Stay nimble to meet evolving customer needs

As you add new features, competition grows, or customer preferences shift, your plans can keep pace without overhauling your code.

Deliver fully personalized applications

Our entitlements system makes it easy to select and deploy the exact feature set each customer needs.

Empower sales teams to sell custom packages

Configure the custom plans you need to close deals without touching code (or waiting for someone else to).

The key to iterative products

Let’s face it, even the best plans change. Testing plan configurations and price-points can be a huge lever for growth, but many SaaS businesses miss that opportunity because of the work involved. Entitlements removes that roadblock to growth.

Old Way

Written in stone

Apps today tie customers directly to hard-coded plans. When plans need to change, you’re stuck refactoring code and hunting down dependencies. The work involved is a huge obstacle to iterative growth.

New Way

Made to move

Chassi breaks the direct tie between features and plans, allowing you to “entitle” customers to any features you define. Publish a new plan definition, and customers automatically get the new feature set.

Tie users to features, and easily iterate on plans

The Entitlements API gives you much greater control over your subscription plans, and avoids the need to rewrite code when those plans change.

Update customer feature access without hard-code

Typically, when a customer wants to add a particular feature that’s not normally included in their plan you’ll need a developer to create an exception (and keep track of it somehow). With Entitlements, a sales or service rep could add that feature to their account with a few clicks.

Configure custom products for individual users

With full control over plan composition it’s easy to create custom product configurations that meet each customer’s unique needs. You could also allow buyers to create their own plans, or turn a popular custom feature set into a generally available plan.

Decouple your product code from business logic

Entitlements gives you the flexibility you need to make decisions based on customer demand and what’s right for the business, rather than making do with what your current product configuration allows.

The features you’ve been looking for

  • Define resourcesDefine features in your app as resources that you will be able to allocate to users and add to plans.
  • Manage resourcesEdit details such as resource name, quanities, use limitations, tags, and more.
  • Suspend resourcesSuspend access to given resources globally or per user on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • Service levelsMonitor uptime, degradation, and downtime.
  • Usage historyMonitor resource allocation versus actual use.
  • Batch amountsManage high-volume resources by assigning minumum quanities and increments.
  • Resource capsAssign a maximum volume of resources available globally or per user.
  • Create tagsEasily search or filter resources with tags.
  • Theshold alertsAutomatically trigger alerts based on resource utilization threshold limits.
  • Resource trend comparisonCompare resource utilization rates side-by-side on a single graph.
  • Status updatesTrack which resources are active, suspended, or partially operational.
  • Integrated metricsDiscover threshold use, most used resources, most volitile resources and more.

Boost engagement and slash churn rates