Chassi For SAAS Entrepreneurs

Build an agile SaaS business that’s designed for scale

The inflexible mix of custom code and single point solutions inside of applications today limits their ability to iterate and slows growth. Chassi’s SaaS Application Core unlocks the speed and flexibility you need to reach scale.

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Pivot at the speed of customer feedback

Chassi APIs work together, limiting unnecessary hard-code within your application core and providing the product flexibility you need to scale your business.

Convert more customers

Support the rapid iteration on plans, pricing, and feature sets that SaaS startups need to find product/market fit and rapidly scale.

Improve customer success

Reduce churn by identifying roadblocks within your app that lead to customer drop-off. Design applications that react to customer needs in real time.

Make proactive decisions

Understand product and feature use to guide roadmap decisions. Give every team in your business the tools and data they need to serve customers.

Forecast future expenditures and understand growth

See and understand how (and how many) customers are using the features within your application so you can better plan for equipment upgrades and provide more accurate pro forma financial statements.

The features you’ve been looking for

  • Open & flexible Use as much or as little of Chassi’s system and APIs as you wish.
  • PCI & HIPAA compliant Chassi is both PCI and HIPAA compliant. We will sign necessary BAA agreements for the healthcare space.
  • No vendor lock-in You own your data and can access and transfer it at any time.
  • Future-proof Chassi is designed to scale with you. Get enterprise-grade functionality from day one, without the bulk of typical enterprise solutions.
  • You own everything Access 100% of your data through a data lake. Connect any RDMS client or analytics tool to your raw data source.
  • Easy-to-use dashboards Every API is paired with an easy-to-use inferface, so you can empower your marketing, sales and support teams.
  • True agility & speed Unified APIs reduce custom code and create new levels of product flexibility.
  • Open integration Use tools like Zapier to push data from Chassi out to marketing, CRM, and support systems, or pull their data into Chassi.
  • Product support We’re here to make sure you get the most out of the Chassi platform.

Boost engagement and slash churn rates