Customer Lifecycles
Customer Lifecycles

Increase loyalty, retention and sales with a few lines of code.

Define journeys to track customers with complete visibility. Engage the right person at the right time with automated triggers along the way.

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Identify issues and reduce your churn

Set measures like WIP limits and track cycle times to spot problematic behavior—or application bottlenecks—before they occur.

Increase engagement and overall adoption

Nudge users based on actions they've taken. Know what customers do, or don’t do, inside your app, so you can help them succeed.

Drive customer success from within your app

Automatically notify other systems of lifecycle events, including onboarding milestones, new feature use, or stalled progress.

Make your customers more successful

Customers have a set of desired outcomes they want from your product. Lifecycle tools make sure that they get there. Successful users are happy users - and happy users don’t churn.

Understand how customers use your application with complete visibility

With true visibility into every step of the customer journey, product teams get critical insight into how best to serve customer needs so you can focus your effort on the features that will make the biggest impact.

Reduce churn — set triggers to engage stuck users

Once you identify the trouble spots within your app, you can design support routines to keep customers on the right track. Alert 3rd-party tools like Intercom, suggest help docs, or trigger action directly within your app.

Optimize adoption & customer success with integrated metrics

Identify bottlenecks in your service delivery. Use basic measures like work in progress limits and cycle times to uncover processes that run too slow, or steps that never get completed.

The features you’ve been looking for

  • Secure by designZero-trust architecture, 2-factor authentication, PCI & HIPAA compliant.
  • API-centricAll Chassi features can be accessed and managed via API.
  • Set alerts & trigger actionsSet alerts and trigger actions using Work In Progress (WIP) definitions based on limits you set. 
  • Synced to other APIsAny updates are automatically synced across the Chassi platform.
  • Application work spacesCreate dev, test, stage, and production spaces to test lifecycles before publishing
  • Unlimited lifecyclesCreate dozens or even hundreds of processes within your business.

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