Customer Lifecycles
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Engineer each customer’s experience to exceed expectations

Use Chassi to dissolve the barriers between you and your customers so you can engineer and deliver successful customer experiences at scale.

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Plan the path. Orchestrate the journey. Deliver excellence.

Use Chassi to plan, instrument, monitor and guide customer journeys to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Bring everything you have, and use it smarter

As an orchestration engine, Chassi lives at the center of all your business systems and customer tools. It tracks customer journeys, takes in analytics data, triggers engagement tools, informs your CRM, and guides every aspect of the customer experience.

Align your whole business, not just your product

Use Chassi to coordinate all of the people, processes, and systems that deliver value to your customers and create loyalty. Break down the silos between teams by giving every department a complete picture of the customer.

Lead each customer to success

By designing deliberate journeys for your customers, you can control the experience and keep them on the right track. Alert 3rd-party tools like Intercom, suggest help docs, or trigger action directly within your app.

The features you’ve been looking for

  • Secure by designZero-trust architecture, 2-factor authentication, PCI & HIPAA compliant.
  • API-centricAll Chassi features can be accessed and managed via API.
  • Alerts & triggersSet alerts and trigger actions using Work In Progress (WIP) limits you set. 
  • Synced to other APIsAny updates are automatically synced across the Chassi platform.
  • Application work spacesCreate dev, test, stage, and production spaces to test lifecycles before publishing
  • Unlimited lifecyclesCreate dozens or even hundreds of processes within your business.

How is this different from tools like Intercom, Pendo and Appcues?

Tools like Intercom, Pendo and Appcues help you guide new or stuck users through your application, while Chassi helps you determine what that path should look like in the first place. In fact, tools like Intercom and Pendo are perfect companions to integrate with the Chassi platform and help implement what you learn by measuring lifecycles.

How do I analyze the data collected in order to get actionable insights?

We offer several reporting options to help you sort and derive insights from your data, like Top Pathways, Cycle Times, Lifecycle Trends, Cumulative Flow. These reports paint a picture of how customers move through your application, and where the rough edges are.

Does this only collect data, or can it be used to spur customers into action?

You can use Chassi to automatically alert your system, or 3rd party tools to take actions based on rules you implement. You can trigger alerts based on the time it takes for someone to complete a step, or set of steps (their cycle time). Or trigger alerts if too many people are in progress on a single step (a work in progress limit). Use those alerts to trigger actions to nudge at-risk users before they fall off.

My team is very busy–how much effort will it take to implement a lifecycle?

If you can draw on a whiteboard, you can create custom Lifecycles in our GUI tool within minutes. These Lifecycles can then be connected to your app’s back end through our APIs with a single developer in no more than a couple hours’ time. Once we start to aggregate the data from these API calls, that’s when the valuable work of analysis begins.

Can I create a lifecycle that maps my user onboarding? What about new feature adoption? What are the limits?

You can create a Lifecycle for nearly any journey that occurs within your application, and you can customize them to meet your unique business needs. You can also build hierarchies of Lifecycles (i.e. nest a multi-step subflow for a training journey within one step of your onboarding Lifecycle).

What about security?

Data security has been a top priority from day one. Chassi was built using zero-trust architecture even behind the firewall, in order to protect customer data. We are HIPAA and PCI compliant. We have a direct stake in the security of our system because we use it to store our own data, just like our customers do.

Stop leaving customer experience to chance