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Chassi APIs — Powerful alone. Better together.

Chassi’s products work together seamlessly to provide the systems and flexibility you need to drive customer success, so you can focus on your product offering.

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Your unified SaaS Application Core

You’re spending too much time, money, and resources stitching together solutions that were never designed to work together. Chassi APIs provide powerful, standardized services that work together seamlessly.

Intellectual Property

The innovative features and business logic that your customers will pay for. This is your real value as a business.

SaaS Application Core

The common services that all SaaS companies need to handle customers - turned into powerful systems with elegant APIs.

Platform & Infrastructure

Servers, storage, databases, development environments and everything else you need to deliver a modern cloud app.

Always in sync — automagically

Unified systems means critical data stays synchronized across your business. Spend less time wrangling third-party integrations and shepherding data around.

  • Billing keeps up with pricing changes
  • Entitlements updates your app to match new plan definitions
  • Promotions are tracked and applied automatically
  • Single Customer View keeps track of everything

Less time. More power.

From startup to scale, Chassi’s platform moves your business further, faster.

Remove steps to launch

Get your product to market faster by integrating standardized components.

Focus on your “why”

With Chassi’s customer systems in place, you can focus development time where it’s most needed.

Secure and compliant

We understand the importance of data security. Chassi has been PCI and HIPAA compliant from day 1.

More than a suite of APIs

Chassi’s SaaS Application Core was engineered for high performance and security.

Application work spaces

For ease of development, Chassi provides application work spaces to match your development environments (e.g. test, dev, prod, etc.).

Management interfaces

Chassi is designed to be implemented by developers and used by almost everyone in the organization. Manage customer records, change plans and pricing (without touching code), create user journeys, see metrics and reporting, and a lot more.

Open and flexible

Chassi is platform agnostic and our APIs can be used individually or in concert, depending on your needs. You own your data and can export it at any time.

You have questions. We have answers.

Is Chassi difficult to use?

We offer easy to build and implement solutions that give you quick wins right out of the gate. We provide detailed documentation, a GUI that has 100% parity with our API, and an API Spy so you can monitor API calls as they are made. Additionally, we have RESTful APIs documented through Swagger that can easily be imported directly to a sandboxed environment (application work space) you create within your account, giving you the ability to experiment and build as much as you want.

What do these systems have in common?

Our products are oriented toward successfully handling your customers. Our APIs work harmoniously together to ensure your customers have the seamless, fluid experience within your application that you have in mind. We think of it as ensuring customer success from inside your app.

How do the sytems work together?

Chassi is a system that uses itself. We are a tenant within Chassi, just like our users, and we service our customers with our own products. As such, our APIs work together seamlessly. For example: If you update a plan with a new price, that change is automatically reflected in your billing system, and your customer records. No more manual updates and code-refactoring.

What if I want to integrate other services?

Chassi makes it easy to move data into and out of our system using webhooks or by querying your data lake.

Will this add cost and time to development efforts?

Nope. It’ll save you money and time and add to your roadmap velocity. Instead of creating custom solutions, you get to plug into industrial-strength capability and configure it how you want. It’s far less costly and time-consuming to take advantage of our solutions than to create them from scratch on your own.

How is Chassi different from other offerings?

There are existing “point” solutions that offer parts of Chassi’s functionality (like subscription billing, for example), but don’t offer the full spectrum of customer-handling business products across an open platform. Similarly, current enterprise platform offerings built on decades-old technology stacks are far too costly, inflexible, proprietary and vendor-locked, forcing you to play by their rules. That’s why we’ve built Chassi!

What types of companies is this for?

If you are selling software as a service and are serious about scaling, Chassi is for you. That includes everything from mobile apps with recurring purchases, to subscription web apps, to enterprise systems with multi-year contracts.

What about security?

Security is absolutely paramount within the platform. Chassi was built using zero-trust architecture even behind the firewall, in order to protect your data. We’re a tenant in our own platform, so we wouldn’t build anything we wouldn’t use ourselves! We are also HIPAA and PCI compliant.

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