Plans & Pricing
Available 2019
Plans & Pricing

Iterate in minutes—
not months

Easily test pricing and plan configurations to maximize sales and give customers the features they want most. Product and billing adapt to new plans automatically.

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Convert more customers with iterative pricing

Improve your offers to increase sales conversions by testing and deploying new plan configurations and pricing.

Simple support for even complex plans

Pay as you go, monthly/annual billing, metered usage, overage allowances, personalized plans, enable self-service and more.

Stay agile & flexible as your business scales

Once you integrate with our APIs, you can create and manage new plans from our interface—no code changes required.

The price is right, Bob

Even small price changes can be hugely profitable, but many companies avoid testing because of the complexity involved. Pricing is a major financial lever, and Chassi makes it easy to pull.

Change plans without refactoring code

Managing plans via API allows pricing to be controlled independently from product code. Now your business can implement changes to plans and pricing without interrupting developers with an endless stream of updates and change requests.

Migrate users with built-in versioning

Track all your price changes and plan iterations using a simple version system. Whether you leave customers on old plans or migrate them over to new versions, Chassi keeps it straight (and keeps billing up to date).

It's your product, you can price how you want to

Chassi supports extensive software pricing models, including recurring subscriptions, one-time charges, tiers, editions, bundles, trials, upsells, user-based, consumption-based, metered or customer-defined.

  • Flat rate
  • Subscriptions
  • Per seat
  • Usage-based
  • Flat rate + overage
  • More

Extensive promotion capabilities

Give your marketing team the tools they need to sell, without developer assistance. Easily create, track and manage all kinds of sales promotions in one place.

  • Percentage
  • Flat rate
  • Account credits
  • Refer a friend
  • Set limits
  • More

The features you’ve been looking for

  • Enable self-serviceDrive upgrades and product adoption by allowing customers to purchase and manage their own plans. Upgrades, downgrades, metering adjustments and more are all easily enabled.
  • Customer-defined plansAllow customers to create custom plans from scratch, or redefine existing plans to match their current needs and usage requirements.
  • Promotions & discountsGive sales and marketing teams the tools they need to promote and sell the product from day one.
  • Integrates with billingUpdate a plan, price, or promotion and the change is automatically reflected in your billing system.
  • Multiple product linesCreate an unlimited amount of product lines to keep certain products or services separate.
  • Integrated metricsChurn rate, cancellations, outstanding invoices, active customers, signups, activations and more.

Boost engagement and slash churn rates