Remarkable Health Streamlines their Onboarding

Remarkable Health is utilizing Chassi to streamline onboarding and set customers up for successful product adoption.
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Remarkable Health provides SaaS and mobile products that empower behavioral health agencies and their clients by removing administrative and operational obstacles and streamlining ordinarily complex processes, including EHR, scheduling, messaging, intake, and patient care management. Remarkable’s tools also help behavioral providers to simplify financial and administrative tasks such as billing, revenue cycle management, and analytical reporting.

The problem

Initially, Remarkable engaged Chassi to help them evaluate the adoption and engagement of their mobile companion application. Their software was excellent and their process was well-engineered and supported, so why were so many users failing to complete their appointment process? What was stopping them?

Mapping to the software vs. mapping to an ideal outcome

After some analysis, we mapped out the onboarding and adoption processes for the Remarkable mobile companion application. In concert with Remarkable’s engineering staff, we set up the API calls to gather data at key points in their process, paying particular attention to the points where users saw value or the perception of forthcoming value in the application. For example, how long is the process taking relative to a theoretical scheduling call made by a clinic? Who takes longer and what factors characterize that difference?

During this process, Remarkable recognized the need to adopt Customer Experience Engineering (CXE) across all its products and has begun to adopt the methodology in order to turn their priorities to become even more customer-aware.

Previously, their focus has been on inward-facing utilization and engagement metrics that only describe the software itself, almost irrespective of the users and their motivations. Using CXE precepts, they now focus on the value the software brings to the user, its “fit” and the financial impact the software makes for a user. This enables them to monitor the actual basis for adoption and utilization rather than attempting to measure those factors without context.

What outcomes have they had so far?

Remarkable learned that there are many factors that determine the usefulness of the mobile application and that in many cases appointments are not being created and the patient documentation is not able to be correlated. The availability of information and ways to streamline and differentiate the mobile application from its more complex desktop counterpart now need to be considered. The mobile application has to streamline and simplify the scheduling process and incorporate within the documentation process.

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