Reveal Roadblocks

Pave the way for each customer’s success

No process is perfect. Chassi helps you identify the barriers that stand in the way of customer progress.

Use customer journeys in aggregate for new insights

Use a new set of metrics to form a detailed understanding of your customer behavior.

Use data to identify common roadblocks

Go beyond simple page flows and click paths to see where customers commonly stumble.

Analyze trouble spots to uncover root issues

Zoom in on any step in your process to gain insights and determine why customers get stuck.

Discover holes and gaps in your journeys

Mapping your ideal or expected process allows you to see exactly where customers fall off.

How can Chassi help?

Your orchestration engine to systemically lead each customer through personalized journeys.

Use data to identity common trouble spots, and take steps to improve the customer journey.

No more “shooting in the dark”. Gain direct insight into the underlying causes of customer satisfaction.

Make successful customer experiences and outcomes the central focus of all your business teams.

Want to stop leaving customer experience to chance?

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