Reveal Roadblocks

Know what’s going on inside your business

Bottlenecks causing delays. Teams running over (or under) capacity. Employees entering inaccurate orders. Chassi alerts you to immediate issues impacting your bottom line.

Process insights keep you one step ahead

Tracking work items in progress (WIP) and cycle time metrics create a legible view of your business operations so you can anticipate problems and take proactive action to improve throughput.

Easily spot bottlenecks

Go beyond standard ERP reporting to see where process flow backs up.

See which steps are over or under capacity

Zoom in on any step in the process to gain insights and determine why throughput drops.

Reveal opportunities to increase productivity

Mapping the ideal or expected process allows you to identify areas of misalignment.

process insight charts

How can Chassi help?

Use actionable insights to identify common bottlenecks and take steps to improve your business processes.

See who is using the system, how well they use it, and what high and low performance looks like.

Identify opportunities to improve or streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Align buyers and implementation teams to resolve common ERP issues, and deliver successful outcomes.

Want to know what’s happening inside your business?

Let’s talk about how Chassi can help you get more from your ERP.