Single Customer View
Single Customer View

Break down the silos between teams

Knowing is half the battle. Unify sales, marketing and product data in a single view, giving the entire team a complete picture of each customer.

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Deliver superior customer support

Individual customer usage data gives a richer understanding of what they need to achieve success (whether that’s help, or an upsell feature).

Key metrics for subscription customers

MRR, AR, LTV - At-a-glance access to the vital metrics you need to understand customer value in the subscription world.

Healthcare-grade security and compliance

Take advantage of the insights that Chassi provides while knowing that your customer data will remain private.

Every detail. One dashboard.

Chassi allows you to organize and view every customer’s complete information in one centralized (and secure) location. Drill down into any section to view more and make edits.

True visibility for better customer support

Team members assigned to a customer can quickly see a comprehensive account history, as well as past and current product usage. Customer Lifecycle data provides better context for sales and support teams so they can serve customers more effectively.

Drive product and business decisions with customer data

Who are your best customers and how do they use the product? Which features do they prefer? What about your most difficult customers? Complete customer data provides the context you need to make critical product and business decisions.

Integrate with your CRM for a complete view

Chassi is designed to provide a central hub for all of your customer information. By using Chassi APIs with tools like Zapier, you can push data from Chassi out to marketing, CRM and support systems, or pull their data into Chassi.

The features you’ve been looking for

  • Secure by designZero-trust architecture, 2-factor authentication, PCI & HIPAA compliant.
  • Roles & permissionsAssign roles to team members to give each appropriate permissions.
  • Detailed historyView every detail for a customer in a single dashboard.
  • Sync with CRMUse Zapier to push data to marketing, CRM and support systems, or pull their data into Chassi.
  • Single source of truthCreate a single source of truth for all customer information.
  • In the works: GhostingTake over a user screen to help with customer service.

Boost engagement and slash churn rates