Total operational clarity

Operations leaders use Chassi to surface bottlenecks and continuously optimize their sales order process.

Workflow visibility

Like GPS guidance, the Workflow Navigator allows leaders to easily visualize highly complex workflows and effectively manage core business processes.

Reveal roadblocks

Real time insight into work volume and velocity highlights bottlenecks so managers can take immediate action and address problems in their process area.

Worker performance

In an order process, monitoring employee output and accuracy allows leaders to correct problematic behaviors, and improve operational compliance.

Frequently asked questions

Anyone involved with the order fulfillment process at a discrete manufacturing or distribution business, from executive leaders to fulfillment managers and operations directors.

We currently work with SAP Business One and Acumatica. Further integrations are in the works.

Chassi works best with small to medium enterprises with a well defined order fulfillment process.

BI tools rely on stored data and analysts to create charts and visualizations of typical ERP data. Chassi listens to activity within ERP systems to extract and visualize the order process. We can visualize data that’s not stored by the system. No analysts needed.

That depends on order volume, but we typically expect to see clear insights within 30 days or less.

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