Application core APIs to build scalable cloud software
Chassi app core APIs help developers build customer success and business flexibility inside your application, so you can delight customers, grow faster, and stay agile.
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Everything you need for a flexible application core in one unified platform
In the race to bring cloud software to market, developers are forced to hack together the core of your application with fragile custom code that hobbles your business as you scale. With Chassi, you can easily modify customer lifecycles, subscription plans, feature-level access control, and pricing offers with full visibility into your customers—without custom code.
Old Way
Custom code that limits business flexibility
New business requirements to change pricing, test product offers, or measure customer engagement never seem to make it to your roadmap. Your feature code is bound to your product definition, making it fragile and inflexible.
Customer success exists outside your application
Lack of visibility into specific customer lifecycles leads to excessive churn, poor satisfaction, and lost business opportunities. There’s more to customer success in your app than a credentialed account and a subscription.
No way to test product and pricing offers
You have no way to easily test multiple product bundles, promotional offers, or pricing strategies. The dirty secret is software businesses are not agile and your business isn’t growing as fast as it could.
Wasting time on application plumbing
You are spending valuable roadmap time building and maintaining custom core application code while you could be working on the highest-value features that drive your business.
New Way
Move as fast as your business requirements
Modify and implement in minutes without custom code. Launch and iterate faster. Minimize technical debt. Get visibility to know what’s working.
Build customer success into your application
Get detailed analytics on the performance of every customer’s journey through any lifecycle. Triggers help you proactively respond to customer issues to increase usage, retention, and sales.
Increase roadmap velocity
Stop messing around with app core plumbing and focus on the unique code that adds the most value for your customers. Remain agile with reactive programming systems that significantly reduce development efforts.
Start fast and never outgrow it
Chassi helps you build customer-ready applications on Day 1 with the ability to scale infinitely. Use the languages, hosting, services, and components you already rely on.
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Chassi APIs integrate the application core
Chassi app core APIs are powerful, integrated and secure so you can test more, respond faster, increase customer retention and grow your business.
Product Configurator
Order Management
Product Entitlements
Customer Lifecycle
Single Customer View
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Product Configurator
Rapidly update pricing, product definitions, and promotions in minutes—without custom code. Easily test product configurations to maximize sales and customer success.

configuratorCompCroppedProduct Configurator

Build & update product plans
Bundle unlimited features, products, and services into product lines and plans that can easily be modified. No custom code changes required—go live in minutes.

Robust product pricing models
Chassi supports extensive software pricing models, including recurring subscriptions, one-time charges, tiers, editions, bundles, trials, upsells, user-based, consumption-based, metered, or customer-defined.

Promotions & discounts
Create and test a variety of discounts and promotional options, including vanity promo codes, dynamic codes, refer-a-friend, checkout options, and loyalty programs.

Enable self-service
Enable customers to purchase new products, modify their subscription, or upgrade at any time. Improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Order Management
Comprehensive billing, payment integration, and analytics so you can see exactly what every customer contributes to revenue.

Order Management

Recurring billing & subscriptions
Easily connect with payment gateways like Stripe or to process charges for any order, including custom sales orders and self-service transactions.

Powerful metrics & KPIs
Measure and report every aspect of billing, orders, payments, and subscriptions to view customer-level ARR, MRR, LTV, ACV, churn, and forecast company revenues.

Payments & escalations
Create payment rules and notification events to proactively manage and escalate payment issues.

Billing automation tools
Automate the billing process across the lifecycle of a customer order so you can minimize manual operations.


Product Entitlements
Provision and entitle your customers to use your products by providing access control between the customer order and the configured product.

entitlementsCroppedProduct Entitlements

Provision resources
Each feature or product becomes a resource, which can be provisioned, constrained, measured, and entitled to any customer. Change product definitions without custom code.

Control access with entitlements
Entitlement provides access control to products and features based on their unique orders. Your product formulates dynamically without custom code for every definition.

Measure customer resource usage
Get detailed usage metrics for each customer to fulfill orders and control access rights. Trigger events to proactively engage at-risk customers or recommend upsells.

Track service levels
Track service-level performance for any resource to report uptime or inform customers when outages and availability issues occur.

Customer Lifecycle
Define customer lifecycles and track your customers with complete visibility into their journeys. Typical journeys include: evaluation, signup, onboarding, product adoption, service engagements, contract renewal, and more.

Customer Lifecycle

Define & optimize customer journeys
Define unlimited customer journeys with specific stages and actions. Optimize cycle times and maintain WIP limits to coordinate workflow.

Trigger timely actions
Customer lifecycles are event-driven and support reactive programming, so your application can drive key workflows in the customer journey.

Improve customer experience
Know exactly where each customer is in their lifecycle. Create triggers so your teams can be proactive with customers and compliant with regulations.

Gain valuable insights from metrics
Improve your customers’ journeys by understanding the most optimal paths through a lifecycle. Remove constraints and perform A/B tests to get the best results.


Single Customer View
Get a single view of a customer in a unified dashboard to view their account details, support and sales history, and status in every customer journey. Integrate with CRM and other data sources to reveal a complete picture to your team.

singleCustomerViewCroppedSingle Customer View

Detailed view of every customer
View the dashboard of each customer’s order history, invoices, payments, subscriptions, promotions, account details, and status within any customer journey.

Key customer metrics
Quickly view the monthly recurring revenue (MRR), predicted annual revenue, lifetime value (LTV), and promotion redemption rate for each customer.

Visibility into every interaction
Support personnel have complete history of every transaction and interaction, including agent notes.

Combine with CRM data sources
Use Chassi APIs to proactively update external CRM and support systems with real-time transactions, or integrate external data into Chassi.
Plans that grow with you
With Chassi, you only pay for what you use and our pricing scales with the success of your product. Start with the FREE Experiment plan and work your way up to the Build, Launch, and Scale plans as your company and user base grow.
Experiment is FREE forever. Full pricing coming soon.
For the hobbyist or evaluator, everything you need to try out the platform.
No Metering
Strict Quotas
1 Seat
1 Service Account
1 Application Space
100MB Object Storage
5,000 Requests/Messaging
$ Monthly
The plan while building your product. Dedicated resources provisioned for your account.
No Metering
Strict Quotas
7+ Seats
Unlimited Service Accounts
2+ Application Spaces
1GB+ Object Storage
40,000 Requests/Messaging
API/Webhook/Queue Batching
RDMS Data Lake
HIPAA Compliant
PCI Compliant
$$ Yearly
The plan for a newly launched product when utilization is unknown. Unlocked resources.
Non-reserved Metering
Flexible Quotas
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Service Accounts
4+ Application Spaces
4GB+ Object Storage
Metered Requests/Messaging
API/Webhook/Queue Batching
RDMS Data Lake
Budgets & Alerts
HIPAA Compliant
PCI Compliant
$$$ Custom
A custom plan for unique needs, saving you up to 30% off metering usage.
Reserved Metering
Flexible Quotas
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited Service Accounts
Metered Application Spaces
Metered Object Storage
Metered Requests/Messaging
API/Webhook/Queue Batching
RDMS Data Lake
Budgets & Alerts
HIPAA Compliant
PCI Compliant
Built for developers
Chassi is built for developers who love creating custom-built applications. The key to your success is reducing the amount of code necessary for you to realize the value of a customer-ready application, even in your MVP. Chassi lets you focus your time on your intellectual property, while providing a robust, enterprise-grade core to support your customers from Day 1.

Our APIs are powerful, comprehensive, and well-designed. We’re confident you’ll find them a pleasure to work with.

Webhook & Queue
Most web apps offer only webhooks and rarely allow you to directly connect with a queue. Chassi lets you send requests over the queue, and subscribe to our queue to receive messages, in addition to using webhooks.

App Spaces
Chassi provides you with an unlimited number of app spaces to model your SDLC, so you can create instances like dev, test, stage, and production for any number of team-specific dev environments.

Data Lake Access
Chassi gives you raw access to 100% of your data through a data lake. Connect any RDMS client or analytics tool to your raw data source so you can perform whatever activities you wish to help you better understand your customers.

Code Libraries
Each of our APIs have client libraries pre-built to handle our extensive data transfer objects, so you can easily marshall data between your app and our APIs. Libraries are available in a variety of languages, so you can quickly realize the value of the APIs.

Starter Apps
Starter applications will be available soon to help you springboard your new application to market faster. These starter apps give you robust templates to build on, allowing you to focus on your intellectual property immediately.

Chassi has extensive API documentation, code library documentation and end user guides. We work hard to make sure that our product is well documented, including screencasts for every feature.

Chassi is both PCI-compliant and HIPAA-compliant. We will sign necessary BAA agreements for the healthcare space. Our APIs feature a Zero-Trust security architecture with end-to-end encryption, both in transit and at rest.

Build in any language, including:

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