Introducing Chassi

Turn your business into an anti-churn machine

Use Chassi to pinpoint problems that lead to churn. Improve your customer experience, boost engagement and slash your churn rates.

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The Silent Killer

Churn is crushing your dreams

You pour your sweat, blood and tears into customer acquisition, only to realize many customers never engage with your product. You're losing them, and the worst part is — you don't even know why.

Reveal your churn triggers

Chassi eliminates churn by pinpointing choke points for you to fix

When you're blind to the reasons behind your churn, how can you fix it? With Chassi you'll identify problems, measure the impact of changes, and engineer triggers to spur customers into action before it's too late.

Ride into the sunset

Change the trajectory of your business and unlock your full potential

Use your new powers to drive customer success, increase engagement and minimize churn. You’re well on your way to maximizing the growth and value of your business.

Boost engagement and slash churn rates