Exceptional experiences are not incidental, they’re engineered

Chassi is the world’s only Customer Experience Engineering (CXE) platform. Software businesses use Chassi to engineer successful customer experiences.

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You can’t guide your customers if you don’t know where they are

Existing customer success and analytics tools help you investigate, find out, and react to what people already did. That's useful, but it means your business will always be a step behind your customers.

Chassi helps you engineer and orchestrate successful journeys

Keep your business in lockstep with each customer, continuously monitoring and guiding their journeys to ensure their success. Take control with confidence and engineer your customers’ experiences to exceed expectations.

Become a master of each customer’s experience

When you can see where customers are, and you know the path they need to take, your business can stop scrambling to keep up and start looking forward to a future of predictable outcomes and satisfied customers.

Stop leaving customer experience to chance