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Turn your business into an anti-churn machine

Use Chassi to pinpoint problems that lead to churn. Improve your customer experience, boost engagement and slash your churn rates.

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The Silent Killer

Churn is crushing your dreams

Every lost customer means less opportunity to reinvest in growth. But do you know exactly where, when, and why customers leave? If you’re blind to the forces causing churn, you can’t solve the problem.

Reveal your churn triggers

Chassi pinpoints customer pain points

You are trying to encourage specific behaviors so that your customers are successful. Use lifecycles to map and measure behavior, identify problem areas and set new triggers to spur them to action.

Unlock your full potential

Change the trajectory of your business

Act on your new knowledge of customer behavior to deliver an improved customer experience. Automate systems to drive customer success, maximize retention, and minimize churn.

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