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Chassi provides a unified platform that includes the core services required to build and scale SaaS businesses.

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The SaaS Application Core

Your cloud app has customers you service through product bundles, plans, entitlements, billing, promotions, etc. This is what we call the ‘core’ of your app. With Chassi’s APIs, we’ve got your app core covered, so you can focus on building a scalable, world class product.

Launching with 5 critical APIs:

Launching with 5 critical APIs:

  • 1. Product Configurator

    Rapidly update pricing, product definitions and promotions in minutes. Easily test product configurations to maximize sales and customer success.

  • 2. Customer Lifecycle

    Define customer lifecycles and track your customers with complete visibility into their journeys. Typical journeys include: signup, onboarding, product adoption, contract renewal, and more.

  • 3. Order Management

    Comprehensive billing, payment integration, and analytics so you can see exactly what every customer contributes to revenue.

  • 4. Product Entitlements

    Provision and entitle your customers to use your products by providing access control between the customer order and the configured product.

  • 5. Single Customer View

    Get a single view of a customer in a unified dashboard to view account details, support and sales history, and status in every customer journey. Even integrates with your CRM.

Built for developers

Chassi is for developers who love creating custom-built applications. Your key to success is reducing the amount of code necessary to realize the value of a customer-ready application, even in your MVP. Chassi lets you focus your time on your intellectual property, while providing a scalable, enterprise-grade app core to support your customers from Day 1.

  • API-Centric Our APIs are powerful, comprehensive, and well-designed. We’re confident you’ll find them a pleasure to work with.
  • Webhook & Queue Most web apps offer only webhooks and rarely allow you to directly connect with a queue. Chassi lets you send requests over the queue, and subscribe to our queue to receive messages, in addition to using webhooks.
  • App SpacesChassi provides you with an unlimited number of app spaces to model your SDLC, so you can create instances like dev, test, stage, and production for any number of team-specific dev environments.
  • Data Lake AccessChassi gives you raw access to 100% of your data through a data lake. Connect any RDMS client or analytics tool to your raw data source so you can perform whatever activities you wish to help you better understand your customers.
  • Code Libraries Each of our APIs have client libraries pre-built to handle our extensive data transfer objects, so you can easily marshal data between your app and our APIs. Libraries are available in a variety of languages, so you can quickly realize the value of the APIs.
  • Starter Apps Starter applications will be available soon to help you springboard your new application to market faster. These starter apps give you robust templates to build on, allowing you to focus on your intellectual property immediately.
  • Documentation Chassi has extensive API documentation, code library documentation, and end-user guides. We work hard to make sure that our product is well-documented, including screencasts for every feature.
  • PCI & HIPAA Chassi is both PCI-compliant and HIPAA-compliant. We will sign necessary BAA agreements for the healthcare space. Our APIs feature a Zero-Trust security architecture with end-to-end encryption, both in transit and at rest.
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